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Structure Of Compressor Filter
- Jul 21, 2018 -

The structure of the filter press consists of three parts:

Frame: the frame is the basic component of the filter press. The two ends are the thrust plate and the press. The beams on both sides are connected by the two. The beam is used to support the filter plate, the filter frame and the press plate.

A, thrust board, it is connected with the support seat on one end of the filter press, which is located on the foundation. The thrust plate of the filter press is in the middle of the feed hole, and there are four holes in the four corners. The upper two corners are the inlet of the washing liquid or the squeezed gas, and the lower two corners are exported.

B, compress plate: to compress filter plate filter frame, roller on both sides is used to support the pressing plate to roll on the track of the girder.

C, beam: is a load-bearing member, material is steel plate or channel steel, according to the requirements of the use of environmental protection, the choice of rigid PVC, polypropylene, stainless steel coating or new anticorrosive coating coating.