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The Function And Structure Of The Oil Filter
- Jul 21, 2018 -

The compressor special oil is expensive, so it is recommended that you use the high quality oil filter to protect the compressor oil well and protect the other components of the compressed air system. The special design of the MAN FE liver E oil filter can meet the working requirements of the compressor under the harsh environment of high temperature and high pressure, and the air filter and the air filter. Like oil and gas separator, the oil filter in the compressed air system is also an important link in the running chain. In this chain, the weakest part may seriously weaken the whole system, the good energy. After the oil filter is not working properly, the fouling deposition will produce the oil and gas separator, the fine filter and the machine parts. There is a negative impact on life. As a result, the service life of the filter is greatly shortened, and the maintenance cost of the compressor is increased.

The oil filter can remove the metal particles and impurities in the special oil of the compressor, so that the oil entering the main engine is very clean, so as to protect the main engine from running safely.

The rotary oil filter consists of a housing and an inner filter element. According to different applications, the rotary oil filter also has different materials, such as different filter materials, check valves and bypass valves. The oil that will be filtered will flow through the cover plate through the concentric opening hole and flow through the filter element. Finally, the filtered oil will flow out from the center connection port. The cover plate is equipped with a detachable sealing ring to ensure the external sealing effect under any operating conditions.