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The Tools And Steps When Replace The Screw Compressor Filters
- Sep 22, 2018 -

Screw air compressor air filter, oil filter, oil separator core and lubricating oil maintenance is the most common operation, but for many customers who first use the screw air compressor, it is still unfamiliar, this article intends to use part of the space to give you a detailed description of the maintenance methods, steps and tools of these parts.      



 The above left chart is the outline drawing of the air filtration, and the right picture is the picture of the air filter shell. The replacement of the air filter is relatively simple, the right shell generally has three buckles, can be opened by hand, and then the old air filter is extracted, the new filter element can be inserted, and then cover the outer cover, the buckle can be tight. Relatively speaking, the replacement of air filtration is the most simple.




The shape of the oil filter is shown above. It is directly connected to the oil filter base. When disassembling, the oil in the machine needs to be put clean first, and then wrapped around the oil filter cylinder body with a chain wrench. The oil filter can be removed by reverse wrenching (anti-clockwise from the unconnected section of the oil filter). New oil filter reverse direction can be screwed on.


Replacing oil separator core is troublesome. As shown in the figure above, the left picture is the oil separating core and the right picture is the upper part of the oil gas barrel. When replacing the oil separator core, we need to use sleeve wrench, big live wrench, sleeve, flat shovel, wallpaper knife, sealant and so on. First of all, it is necessary to remove the thick pipe between the oil and gas drum cap and the cooler, which usually has a larger hexagonal screw, so it is necessary to use a large live wrench. Then the 12 gland screws on the paint barrel must be unloaded. After removing the top cover, the old oil separator cores inside need to be carefully removed, and then covered with a layer of asbestos pad needs to be removed with a flat shovel or wallpaper knife a little bit, and then sanded and smoothed repeatedly. The asbestos pad on the upper end of the oil tank needs a little cleaning and sandpaper polishing. These two places take 1 hours. After the treatment, put asbestos pad on the oil and gas barrel, before putting it on the oil and gas barrel coated with a ring of sealant, and then put the oil separator into the core carefully, oil separator on the flange also need to place an asbestos pad, asbestos pad coated with a layer of sealant, and then press the top cover, 12 screws can be tightened evenly. The replacement of the oil separator core is finished.

To replace the lubricant, you need to prepare a big live wrench, a basin for waste oil, a mineral water bottle (used when pouring oil), a number of machine cloth. The bottom of the oil tank is equipped with an oil drain valve, and the old oil can be released from here.

To sum up, the maintenance screw air compressor filter elements and oil, the tools needed are large live wrench, chain wrench, sleeve wrench, live wrench, flat shovel, wallpaper knife, sandpaper, mineral water bottle, basin, machine cloth and so on.