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What Kind Of Air Filter Is Used
- Jul 21, 2018 -

The first effect filter is divided into these several kinds: the first effect filter uses the inertia to leave the large dust particles out, the filter dust is high but the precision is not high, the pre filtration effect is used in the initial filter part; the medium effect filter is used as the filter material with synthetic fiber, the dust power and the scale are comparatively considerable; and the filter material of the high efficiency filter can be made into paper and filter. After repeated folding, the paper can filter out smaller impurities. The filter with high accuracy can be used in aseptic warehouse engineering.

What kind of air filter contrast good use, in fact, there is no conclusion, to see the needs of the occasion to choose the appropriate equipment, the first can be considered from these aspects: the filtering precision is not high enough, if the precision is not enough, dust can enter the compressor, affect the life of other components such as the separation device and even the bearing; the filter's Waterproof The function is also good, there is water in the air, and the humidity is bigger in the rainy day. Once the filter is dampened, the compressor will not run smoothly. When the filter is grim, it will be blocked, and then the electricity is added.