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Screw Compressor Oil Filter

The screw air compressor provides high quality compressed air for all trades and professions for its high efficiency, no maintenance and high reliability.

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Spin-On Oil Filter:



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The screw air compressor provides high quality compressed air for all trades and professions for its high efficiency, no maintenance and high reliability.

The quality of screw oil has a decisive influence on the performance of the fuel injection screw machine. The good oil products have good antioxidant stability, rapid separation, good cleaning, high viscosity, high viscosity and good anticorrosion performance. Therefore, the user must use pure special screw oil.

The first oil product is replaced after the new running in period is 500 hours, and the new oil will be replaced every 2000 hours.

It is best to change the oil filter at the same time. Shorten the replacement cycle in bad environment.


Replacement method:

1. Start the air compressor for 5 minutes, raise the oil temperature to 50℃above, and decrease the viscosity of the oil. Stop operation.

2. When the oil tank has 0.1Mpa pressure, open the oil drain valve at the bottom of the oil tank and connect the storage tank. The oil drain valve should be opened slowly so as not to bring pressure and warm grease to splash wounds. The oil valve is closed after the lubrication oil is made in a drop shape.

3. Unscrew the oil filter element and drain all the lubricants in the pipeline and replace the new oil filter element.

4. Open the refueling port screw plug, inject new oil, make the oil level within the scale of the oil mark, tighten the oil inlet screw plugging, check whether there is leakage.

5. The lubricating oil must be checked regularly during the use. It is found that the new oil should be supplemented in time when the oil level line is too low.

6. The condensate must be discharged frequently in the use of the lubricating oil. The general situation is discharged once a week and should be discharged for 2-3 days in the high temperature climate. Shut down for more than 4 hours, open the oil valve without pressure in the oil and gas tank, drain the condensate water, and see that the valve is shut down quickly when the oil flows out.

The variable frequency screw machine usually has low temperature when used for a long time, there is more moisture in the oil barrel, and the waterproof capacity of the filter paper should be relatively high. When the frequency conversion screw machine is used at low frequency, the pressure of the oil system will be low, the oil filter must have little resistance and good air permeability.

Many people may think that oil filter is filtered by interception. The higher the accuracy, the better the filtration effect. At the same time, it is also concerned that the filtration accuracy is too high and the oil filter is easy to plug. However, some studies believe that this has gone wrong. There is some relationship between the accuracy and the filtration effect. But the real determination of filtration effect is not the accuracy of filtration, but the adsorption capacity of oil filter paper. The greater the amount of dust, the stronger the adsorption capacity, the better the filtration effect.

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