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Spin-on Oil Filter

The oil that will be filtered will flow through the cover plate through the concentric opening hole and flow through the filter element.

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Spin-on Oil Filter:



The spin-on oil filter consists of a housing and an inner filter element. According to different applications, the spin-on oil filter also has different materials, such as different filter materials, check valves and bypass valves.The oil that will be filtered will flow through the cover plate through the concentric opening hole and flow through the filter element. Finally, the filtered oil will flow out from the center connection port. The cover plate is equipped with a detachable sealing ring to ensure the external sealing effect under any operating conditions.


Maintenance only needs to be replaced with the entire screw filter. The use of filter wrench can easily remove the rotary filter.

1) spin off the waste oil filter.

2) carefully clean the filter housing and dredge the differential pressure through hole before and after.

3) check the performance of the differential transmitter.

4) the filter ring is coated with a layer of oil (pay attention to the use of clean oil and avoid contamination).

5) when installing the filter element, turn it to the contact gasket and then tighten the 1/3 circle manually.

6) check if there is any leakage after the machine is opened.

Our company can provide users with different specifications of the oil filter according to the actual needs of users. We have 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing industrial filters. Filter materials and main raw materials are from HV, USA and Korea. The production and inspection process is checked by professionals to ensure quality and reliability. If you need it, please contact us.

The poor oil filter is easy to leak after a period of time.This is because:

1. The material used in the sealing ring is not good, and the temperature resistance is not good. After a certain period of time, it shrinks, resulting in the oil leakage of the sealing ring.

2. The threaded plate is not the standard 90° vertical, which leads to the uneven sealing of the four sides. When the installation is first installed, it will not leak because of the elastic correction of the sealing ring. After a period of time, there will be some contraction. The side of the large error is due to the heat recovery of the seal ring, the elasticity of the seal ring is reduced and the sealing performance is reduced. Much lower, the oil spill begins.

3 .The material of sealing plate is not good. If we use regular steel as sealing plate, this problem will rarely appear. When the seal plate is broken, it is common in electroplating seal plate, because the sealing plate of electroplating looks the same after electroplating, but before electroplating it is likely to be made of a variety of steel plates, some steel is brittle, it did not break during bending, but when shocked by the machine it soon cracked.

4.Not every oil filter is tested by pressure test.

5. The sealant is not coated well or sealant with poor quality.

6. Sealing process have problems,the sealing machine is not adjusted when debugging.

There are many problems in the use of poor quality oil filters. Therefore, it is recommended that you use high quality oil filters.MANFEIT is your best choice.

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