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Air Filter Replacements for Atlas Copco 1613740700

Matching machine model:Atlas copco GA30/37/55AP
Maintenance package number:2903740700

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Matching machine modelAtlas copco GA30/37/55AP

Maintenance package number2903740700


The service life: 2000 hours


DSC_5929.jpgThe air filter is best maintained every week, unscrewing the cap nut, taking out the air filter core, using 0.2-0.4Mpa to compress the air, blowing out the dust particles from the outer surface of the air filter core from the inner cavity of the air filter core, cleaning the stolen goods on the inner wall of the air filter shell with clean cloth and returning the air filter. Pay attention to the sealing ring of the front end of the filter element and the inner face of the air cleaner shell. The heavy air filter can directly open the shell, and the maintenance method is the same as above.


The air filter produced by our factory uses the top imported filter material, which has high filtration efficiency and stable performance. It can filter the suspended dust in the air, filter the particles clean and effectively protect the engine parts.

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