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Atlas Copco Compressor Air Filter Replacements

The air filter is installed at the air inlet of the air compressor to filter the dust particles, water and oil mist in the air source

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DSC_5938.jpgDSC_6544-_副本.jpgDSC_5929.jpgThe air filter is installed at the air inlet of the air compressor to filter the dust particles, water and oil mist in the air source, to ensure the cleanliness of the gas source, and to improve the service life of the oil and gas separation filter, the oil filter core and the lubricating oil, and to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the air compressor system.


When the filter element of the air filter is used up, the necessary maintenance should be carried out.

1. select the maintenance time according to the information indication of the differential pressure switch or the differential pressure indicator. The dangers of regular on-site inspections or cleaning are sometimes greater than the benefits. The risk of dust entering the engine is due to the presence of filter elements.

2. recommends replacement instead of cleaning the filter element, which avoids damage to the filter core and protects the engine to the greatest extent.

3. when you have to clean the filter element, you should pay special attention to not washing the filter element.

4. please note that the safety core can not be cleaned and can only be replaced.

5. after maintenance, use wet cloth to clean the inside and sealing surface of the shell carefully.

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if there is a leaking point at the seal of the minimum pressure valve, or if the minimum pressure valve is opened in advance (Each manufacturer's design pressure is different, usually between 3.5~5.5kg/cm2), the time of setting up the pressure of the tank will increase at the beginning of the operation.At this time, the oil mist concentration in the gas in the low pressure state is high, the flow velocity is fast through the oil separator, the load of the oil separator is aggravated and the separation effect is reduced, which leads to the large amount of oil consumption.

Solution: overhaul the minimum pressure valve and replace it if necessary.

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