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Atlas Copco Replacement Air Compressor Filter 1622185501

Matching machine model: Atlas copco GA37+/GA55+AP
The service life: 2000 hours

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Matching machine model Atlas copco  GA37+/GA55+AP


The service life: 2000 hours

Air filter is an important guarantee for air compressors. Proper maintenance plays a vital role in the service life and reliability of air compressors.


The service life of the air filter element is usually about 2000 hours.

Attention should be paid when using:

1. according to the use of regular back blow.

2. the rated air intake of the filter element must be greater than the rated air intake of the main engine.

3. select air filter elements with low intake resistance and large dust holding capacity.

4. place the filter element in dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture from affecting the service life.

We can provide customers with various specifications and filtration accuracy of the filter products according to the actual needs of users. Welcome to e-mail consultation.

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