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Atlas Copco Replacement Air Filter 1613950300

Matching machine model:Atlas copco GA75+/GA90CP-13
The service life : 2000 hours

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Matching machine modelAtlas copco  GA75+/GA90CP-13


The service life : 2000 hours


When cleaning or replacing air filters, parts must be individually aligned to prevent foreign objects from falling into the intake valve.
At ordinary times, it is necessary to check regularly whether the expansion pipe of the air intake is damaged or flattened, and whether there is any loosening or leakage of the connection between the expansion pipe and the intake valve of the air filter. Repair and replace in time if it is found.


The air filter produced by our factory uses imported water resistant solidified paper, and the filtration effect reaches European III, European IV, European V standard. The dust and particles suspended in the air can be filtered to the maximum extent, and the engine parts can be effectively protected.

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