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Oil Separator Replacement for Atlas Copco 1092200289

Matching machine model:Atlas copco GAE15 GK11
Service life:4000 hours

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Matching machine model:Atlas copco GAE15 GK11


Service life:4000 hours

1092200289 Atlas oil filter is installed on the oil lubricating line filter of the screw air compressor through the thread of the lower end. It can effectively filter the wear impurities such as the colloidal particles, impurities and oil deterioration in the system, protect the main lubricating system and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the main engine.When the differential pressure of the filter element reaches a certain degree, it is very convenient to unscrew the filter element and install the new one.


The oil separators are widely used in various kinds of screw air compressor, vacuum equipment, engineering machinery, hydraulic system, generator set and other equipment and in petrochemical, power plant, steel, rubber, textile, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, wine, packaging materials, electronic semiconductors, photosensitive materials, automobile manufacturing and other industries.


Matters needing attention in the operation of compressor

1. Pay attention to whether the indicating readings of the instruments are in the normal range, and the air pressure should be within the rated pressure range. When the compressor suction temperature is ≤40℃, the exhaust temperature should be ≤110℃.

2, when the exhaust temperature is too high, and the alarm indicator lights up, the host automatically stops and the overtemperature indicator lights up. Please find out the reason and deal with the failure, and then restart it.

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