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Ingersoll Rand Replacement Oil Separator 24121212

Matching machine model: Ingersoll Rand V11/R11
Model: 22388045 and 24121212 are the same products
Normal use time: 4000 hours

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Matching machine model: Ingersoll Rand  V11/R11

Accessories Name: oil separator(air oil separator / oil gas separator)

Model: 22388045 and 24121212 are the same products

Normal use time: 4000 hours

Under normal working pressure: 0.7Mpa~1.0Mpa, the initial pressure difference between the oil and gas separator is between 0.15bar~0.25bar.

The oil content of compressed air can be controlled at 3~6ppm, and the compressed air oil mist particles can be controlled below 0.1μm.


Characteristics of oil and gas separator products

Using Lydall ultrafine glass fiber composite filter made by the US company, it has higher efficiency and longer service life.

Original imported fine components, larger filtration area and smaller pressure loss;

Reduce the loss of lubricating oil and improve the quality of compressed air.

Extend the service life of refined components and reduce the cost of machine use.

The life span of the oil and gas separator is more than 4000 hours, and the length of the life depends on many factors: the design of the oil and gas separator barrel, the routine maintenance, the cleanliness of the environment, the working temperature and the quality of the oil and gas separator.


Precautions for air compressor:

1. compressor can not be reversed. After initial start-up or electronic control system maintenance, before the compressor starts, it must first confirm whether the rotation direction of the motor is in conformity with the regulation.

2. when the high temperature module is disassembled, the temperature must be cooled to ambient temperature.

3. the use of special oil for screw compressor is recommended. Different brands of lubricating oil are not allowed to be mixed.

4. no compressor can be operated in excess of prescribed pressure or prescribed temperature.

5. once the compressor is found to be abnormal, the compressor should be stopped immediately and the abnormality should be eliminated in time.

6. it is absolutely not allowed to jam the intake port of compressor during operation.

7. after maintenance, all safety devices have been reinstalled before starting. The tools have been removed from the compressor.

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