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Air Oil Separator Cartridge Replacement for Mann 4930153101 4930553101

4930153101 DIM:200*230
4930553101 DIM:355*600
Application:air Compressor

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Air Oil Separator Cartridge Replacement for Mann 4930153101 4930553101


4930153101 DIM:200*230IMG_7342-.jpgIMG_7344-.jpg

4930553101 DIM:355*600IMG_4881_副本.jpgIMG_4885_副本.jpg

Application:air Compressor

The service life: 4000 hours

The way to ensure the economic life of the separator core
The correct maintenance of oil is the basic premise to ensure an ideal life span of the oil and gas separator. In general, the life of the oil and gas separator is limited by the solid granular sediment on the separation layer (the oxide of oil, the worn particles and so on), and the pressure difference is increased at the end.

The fouling can be restricted to the compressor oil system by replacing air filters, oil filters and Complying with Oil exchange cycle. This will maintain the least amount of dirt entering the oil separator and extend the maintenance and maintenance cycle.


Selection of oil separator core:

Normally, the oil separator core of the screw air compressor must be selected to exceed or equal to the outlet flow rate of the air compressor.

This is to prevent the oil separator from inhaling the small dust that can not be filtered by the air filter and cause the separation layer to be blocked.

The blockage of the oil separator will reduce the processing flow of the separator and cause the early pressure difference of the separator too large.

Therefore, in general, the selection of oil and gas separation core must be more than 105% of the discharge volume of the compressor.

The treatment of oil separator core is related to the pressure and velocity of use. The lower the pressure under the matching separator core, the worse the treatment effect of the separator core.

Therefore, the oil separator cartridge must be kept above 5.5bar for a long time, otherwise the filter precision of the oil separator can not reach the 3ppm effect.

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