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Vacuum Pump Filter Cartridge

Vacuum pump is a device or device that uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemistry to extract vacuum from the suction container.

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Vacuum pump is a device or device that uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemistry to extract vacuum from the suction container. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries.

Vacuum pump filter, including oil filter, oil mist separator, air filter, is designed to maintain the high efficient normal operation of the vacuum pump and prolong the service life of the vacuum pump. It has played a very good protective effect on the vacuum pump.


Oil filter

The oil filter is used in the oil type rotary chip pump to activate the impurity in the filter oil. The vacuum pump inhales small impurities in the work and will be deposited in the oil. After a long time, the oil will deteriorate, and the oil filter filters the deposited impurities in the oil to prolong the service life of the oil.

After the vacuum pump runs for 150 hours, the oil should be changed for the first time. After that, the oil should be changed every 500-1000 hours or 6 months. However, when the process is required for different or bad environment, it should be changed according to the actual conditions. For example, there is a lot of water in the air, or when a large amount of dust is used, the vacuum pump oil should be replaced in time.

Oil mist separator

Oil mist separator can filter a large amount of oil mist contained in the exhaust gas from the outlet, which can save fuel consumption, reduce the pollution of the discharged oil to the environment, and save energy and protect the environment. The oil mist separator needs to be replaced for half a year or 1 years. This can be replaced according to the actual situation. When the exhaust port is found to have smoke, black smoke or oil mist, the oil separator must be replaced.


Air filter

The intake filter can filter the dust contained in the intake air, with paper and nonwoven fabric. According to the different working conditions, it needs to match the filter with different precision. It is necessary to check and clean the filter core of the air inlet regularly, and blow the air from the inner circle of the filter core with dry compressed air. When the working condition is bad, the frequency is high, the routine is 6 months replacement, and the environment depends on it.


Maintenance of vacuum pump attention:

(1) Regular inspection, whether the oil level is lower than the oil line. If it is lower than the oil mark, it should be timely refueling, otherwise it will affect the vacuum degree of the vacuum pump and affect the service life. In addition, oil mass should not be too much, otherwise it will cause difficulties in starting, fuel injection and so on..

(2) Frequent attention should be paid to whether the vacuum pump operates normally, whether there is a special sound, whether it is over loaded, and whether the temperature is too high.

(3) The vacuum pump should be kept clean and no other objects should be placed on the vacuum pump.

(4) Pay attention to the noise of the coupling sleeve between the motor and the pump head is too loud or too loose. If necessary, adjust or replace it.

(5) The wastage should be replaced regularly,including oil filters,air filters,oil mist separators ect..

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